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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order ?

  • Kindly click 'Let's Chat' tab to connect directly with us OR Reach out to 017 277 6237 to place an order.

  • We are available in Instagram , Facebook & RED app.

What are the payment options?

We Accept :

  • Bank Transfer (Maybank)

  • Maybank QR code

  • Duit Now

Kindly send a copy of the payment receipt to us via WhatsApp at +60 14-5041 168

Email : championbites,

We will process your order once payment is received.

What are the delivery options ?


  • We would deliver through trusted logistics partners ; Tracking number will be provided to you


  • The delivery options are base on the amount (KG) you ordered.

  • Real Meal will be delivered in Temperature Controlled packaging to preserve the product freshness

  • We are open to use Lalamove, Grab and other express delivery services

What is in Champion's Products ?

Champion only uses food fit for human consumption, and easily-identifiable fresh ingredients for both Air-Dried & Real Meal series.

All of our ingredients are human-grade and sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors.

We use NO salt, NO additives & Grain-FREE.

Only Natural & Fresh Ingredients !

What is AIR-DRIED Series ?

AIR-DRIED is a slow and gentle process that naturally preserves nutrients in the raw ingredients, while eliminating harmful pathogens. Offering excellent nutrition with the convenience of snacking.

*All AIR-DRIED snacks are able to store up to 3 months.

What is REAL MEAL Series ?

Our recipes are all home-cooked, with select fresh & raw elements including carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, Cabbage, Apple and etc. 

Our meats are cooked with

"Autoclave Steam Sterilization Technology" to lock in their maximum nutrition, and their juices are used to flavour the whole meal.

REAL MEAL add in Pet's daily supplement : Alaska Salmon Oil , Pet Vitamin, Pet Trace Element , Egg Shell Powder & Trionychidae egg powder.

It could be serve as a FULL MEAL or TOPPINGS with Kibbles.

We promise to deliver a healthy and balance meal to our love ones !

Do I need to Freeze / Refrigerate REAL MEAL ?

You DO NOT need to Freeze the meal.

You could Refrigerate your meal in safe temperature OR store in room temperature. 

Because our REAL MEAL is produce with "Autoclave Steam Sterilization Technology" to eliminate harmful bacteria and other contaminants.

We would advise :

Since our food is truly fresh and we donʼt use any preservatives, itʼs essential that you treat it like real food (because it is!). Keep the food in a refrigerator. Your box will also include an easy guide on how to store and fee the food properly (it’s very simple!).

How do I prepare REAL MEAL ?

We advise to store Real Meal in refrigerator temperature for ease of preparation.

You do not need to cook it, Our food is ready-to-serve!

You can serve it with 30 secs Microwaving or add a touch of hot water (1 minute).

REAL MEAL could be serve as Toppings with Kibbles OR Full Meal, base on you Pet's need. 

Plan Your Monthly Subscription

We would love to help everyone feed their pet with Healthy food !

Our pricing starts at RM9 ONLY per pack with our monthly subscription.

*Connect us to customized your Monthly Meal Plan that fits your pet's diet.

MIX X MATCH the Flavours !

How do I Received my Monthly Meals ?

Your Monthly Meals will be delivered on to your door steps ON the 1st week of every month.

In case you are worry of you refrigerator running out of space ?

Don't Worry ! Champion could store half of the monthly meal & Delivery twice a month to your door steps !

*Enquire with us on the delivery fee

How do I Know what Flavour my Fur-baby prefer ?

Checked out out TRIAL PACK will All 6-in-1 Flavours to find our their FAVOURITE!

What if my pet has skin allergy ?

Skin allergies come in many forms. It can be contact allergy (allergic to the cleaning detergents we use or the environment) or food allergy.

Food allergies can be from the gluten or certain chemicals that may be in the food or they are allergic to certain overly processed protein in the food.

Champion's REAL MEAL is a natural dog/cat fresh food with no preservative, no artificial flavouring &
no gluten.

It is made from 100% human grade ingredients.

*Connect us if your PET is sensitive to a certain type of meat

What is the Refund Policy ?

We do not have Refund Policy

Champion promised to provide the best one stop solutions !

We will provide one-to-one meal replacement upon situation.

Is there a Contract Bond for Monthly Meal Plans ?

No, you do not have to sign on any contract.

You can cancel OR reactive your plan ANYTIME !

Still have questions?
Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help !

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